On Membership of ENERCO j.s.c. in ALPEX sh.a

We are very pleased to announce the membership of ENERCO j.s.c. in ALPEX sh.a., for
Kosovo Bidding Zone.
ENERCO j.s.c. with its headquarters located in the Hill of the Sun, obj. 5, Hym. 11, No. 3,
Pristina 10000, signed the Exchange Membership Agreement and became the newest
ALPEX Member in the Day-Ahead Market.
ENERCO sh.p.k., in their role as trader, was established in 2009 and operates in the
electric energy system in accordance with the provisions of local legislation, Electricity
Market Rules, bilateral or multilateral agreements and other legal acts in force.



Bursa Shqiptare e Energjisë Elektrike-ALPEX sh.a
Address: Rruga Liman Kaba, Rezidenca Olympic,
Hyrja 3, Kati 1, Zyra nr.1, Tirana, Albania.

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