How to become
an Exchange Member

Procedure of Admission in the Exchange

Companies wishing to trade on Alpex Electricity Markets, must complete the following Member Admission Process in three steps as long they fulfill the membership conditions.

In order to be admitted in the Exchange, the Applicant must successfully complete the procedure which consists of three (3) individual and simplified steps, as follows.

First Stage
The evaluation of the Membership Application

This stage is related to the evaluation of the Membership Application process and the signing of the Exchange Membership Agreement between ALPEX and the Applicant,if all the requirements set out below are fulfilled.

  Form  Tittle File
TR-1-F1 Applicant Membership Form.
TR-1-F2 Know Your Client (KYC) Form.
TR-1-F1a Joint Statement.
List of supporting documents
needed to be accompanied with the
membership application.
Exchange Membership Agreement

Second Stage
Preparation for activation of the Exchange Member in ETSS

The second stage starts on the next business day after the entrance into force of the Exchange Membership Agreement. Each Exchange Member shall engage a sufficient number of Certified Traders according to their needs. Follow our certification seminars and exams and apply for the issuance of the Trading Certificate by ALPEX.

Form Tittle File
TR-2-F1 Application Form for the
issuance of the Trader Certificate.
Application-agreement for Client Authentication Certificate at ALPEX systems
List of conditions and supporting
documents to be accompanied
with the Application form for the

Third Stage
Activation of the Exchange Member in the Energy Trading Spot System ( ETSS)

Once the Exchange Member successfully completes the actions described in the above stages, it is required to submit to ALPEX the following forms.

Form Tittle File
TR-1-F3 Membership Activation Form.
TR-1-F4 Connection to ETSS Form
TR-1-F5 Members Profile Form