Training and Examinations

Trainings and Examinations

ALPEX offers professional training through seminars and exams for those who want to gain a thorough understanding of the electricity markets.

The seminars and exams are available to ALPEX Members or Appointed Traders/Clearers. The training as well as the examinations take place at ALPEX’s premises or online (only for foreign Appointed Traders/Clearers).

Seminars are provided for obtaining the following Certifications:

    •  Trader Certificate (TC)
    • Certified Clearer Certificate (CCC)

Seminars & Exams

ALPEX offers training services designed to improve the skills and understanding of the Electricity Markets for Exchange Members and Clearing Members. Markets operate more efficiently when their Members are well informed about the procedures applied, the relevant regulatory framework and the technical details of use of the tools provided. The goal of our training program is a clear understanding of the overall context and the acquisition of knowledge and skills for continuous participation in our Electricity Markets.

  • The study material for training seminars and exams for the “Trader Certificate (TC)” can be found here.
  • The study material for training seminars and exams for the “Certified Clearer Certificate (CCC)"; can be found here.
                        Certification Exams     & Seminars Program 2023
Trader Certification Seminars Date 15.12.2023, Time 09:00 CET

At KOSTT sh.a Premises

Date 15.12.2023, Time 14:00 CET

At KEK sh.a Premises

Trader Certification Exam Date 29.01.2024, at 10:00-11:00 CET,

ALPEX sh.a Premises, Pristina, Kosovo

Clearer Certification Seminars Date 07.02.2024, ALPEX sh.a premises
Clearer Certification Exam Date 08.02.2024, ALPEX sh.a premises


Each ALPEX Member is obliged to appoint Traders and Clearers who have appropriate certified professional competence. Certification is obtained after successful completion of the examination process.
Upon successfully passed the ALPEX exams, Appointed Traders/Cleares will be entitled to take part in Trading on ALPEX Markets.

Please note: The ALPEX Trader/Clearer exams are required for the admission for trading/clearing at ALPEX Markets.

Further information on admission process could be found below: