Regulatory Decisions

    1. Minimum and Maximum prices of the Products/Orders for the Day Ahead Market Auctions.
    2. Portfolios of the Exchange Members that shall be handled with Prior Price Receiving products/orders (for the sale / purchase) and their listing according to the priorities in the Auction Markets of the Day Ahead and Intraday on the Albanian Power Exchange.
    3. Rule on defining the winning orders/products in the case when the grouped segment of the sale/purchase products/orders shall be partially accepted.
    4. Allocation of specific portfolio on the Albanian Power Exchange for the generators with installed capacity equal or bigger than 5 MW.
    5. Trading of the contracts signed between two Market Participants out of the Exchange (Over The Counter - OTC) at the Albanian Power Exchange, between the companies that it is not set the public service obligation.
    6. The products and the types of products/orders that shall be primarily traded on the Albanian Power Exchange.