Press RElease

We are proud to announce that today ALPEX (Bursa Shqiptare e Energjise Elektrike-ALPEX sh.a.) has signed the agreement with the Service Provider composed of Hellenic Exchanges-Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX), Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A. (HEnEx S.A.) and EnΕx Clearing House S.A. (EnExClear S.A.), which will then provide the Electronic Trading Platform for the Day-Ahead and Intraday Market and Services, required for the operation of the Organized Market in Albania and Kosovo.

Today was achieved an important milestone before the electricity market integration of Albania and Kosovo. The mission of ALPEX is to operate and couple the day-ahead and intraday electricity wholesale markets of Albania and Kosovo. For this purpose and to further integrate with the single European electricity market within the region and at European level, ALPEX will continue to work towards implementing the EU Target Model for Day-Ahead and Intraday Markets and strive to become a Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO).

Our market go-live is scheduled for the Q4 of 2022.


Bursa Shqiptare e Energjisë Elektrike-ALPEX sh.a

Address: Rruga Liman Kaba, Rezidenca Olympic,

Hyrja 3, Kati 1, Zyra nr.1, Tirana, Albania.


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