The Athens Memorandum


On 14th of November 2023, in Athens, Greece, ALPEX signed an MoU to work with other energy stakeholders from Balkan countries, Albania, Kosovo, Greece and North Macedonia, with the aim of coupling their electricity markets.

Through this memorandum, it is intended to strengthen the cooperation between the countries towards the achievement of the common objectives of the region.

The CEO of the Albanian Power Exchange (ALPEX), Mr. Sokol Dishnica, noted:

"I'm very happy to be here in Athens with colleagues who share the same view of future. These two days of meeting and signing the MoU represent a lot more than agreement. It's a statement about the power and importance of regional cooperation that we are building to have extra safeguard mechanisms at a time when energy security is of highest importance"

Together, we can forge a brighter future, accelerate a just and secure energy transition for the region.

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