Technical Decisions

Trading Technical Decisions

Technical Decision  Tittle File
No. 1-T Procedure of Admission in the Exchange of the Exchange Member, its Resignation and other matters with regard to Exchange Members in ALPEX Markets.
No. 2-T Professional competence of Certified Traders participating in ALPEX Markets.
No. 3-T Emergency trading procedures in ALPEX Markets.
No. 4-T Technical issues on conversation files

Clearing Technical Decisions

  Form  Tittle File
No. 1-C Procedure for accession of Clearing Member
No. 2-C Professional competence of Certified Clearer
No. 3-C Risk management Procedures in the Clearing System and other releated issues
No. 4-C Cash Settlement Procedures and SelfBilling Procedures
No. 5-C ALPEX Fee Schedule
No. 6-C Time Schedule of Clearing and Settlement Procedures for ALPEX Markets
No. 7-C  Imposition of measures on Clearing Members