Albanian Power Exchange – ALPEX sh.a., has submitted to the Energy Regulator Authority of Albania and to the Energy Regulatory Office of Kosovo, the request for the approval of documents which constitute the entire governing rules of ALPEX. Following the public consultation process ALPEX reflected on these rules and procedures the most of suggestions provided by the interested parties.

ALPEX considers the completion of the following documents and the request for approval to the respective Regulatory Authorities, as another important step towards the operationalization of the Exchange:

1. ALPEX Rules – General Terms;
2. Trading Procedures;
3. Clearing and Settlement Procedures;
4. ALPEX Glossary;

We thank all interested parties for their suggestions including those involved in the process of preparation of these documents.

Bursa Shqiptare e Energjisë Elektrike-ALPEX sh.a
Address: Rruga Liman Kaba, Rezidenca Olympic,
Hyrja 3, Kati 1, Zyra nr.1, Tirana, Albania.

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